Monday, November 30, 2009

The Gorgeous Misha!

Oooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Look at the gorgeous Misha! Isn't he like the most handsome Russian Blue you have ever seen?!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sorry everyone! I've been lazy about keeping up this blog too. I hope you all like Dmitri and Leopold's blog and stuff. They tell you mostly what you need to know but I forgot to post this: Goma is having a contest to win a Hepper Pod or a Hive Bed so go and enter! I have never seen one before or heard of them except on so, I entered to win and I probably won't but I'm kinda hoping I do! They are expensive though! I was looking at cat toys yesterday on the computer and I' m thinking about buying this Crinkle Mouse toy. I have never seen this before. I don't know where I have been but I am kind of wondering if Leopold and Dmitri will actually play with this. Hopefully they do.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello everyone! Thank you everyone for all of the nice comments on Dmitri and Leopold's blog! I don't have much to say today but the Christmas Card Exchange card's will be mailed soon so I will stop asking you if you want to participate! Please email me at if you would like to participate! Thanks so much!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Blog

The new blog adress is
Please visit!

Big News!

Tonight I have decided to blog only about Dmitri and my other cat Leopold. Leopold is my other cat but is kind of mean and he really stays under nmy bed most of the day but the highlights of the day I guess will be ok. I will still continue with this blog so don't think I will forget about it. Please leave comments to tell me if you think it is a good idea or a bad idea.

Hai Evryone!!!

Y halo thar evryone! Todai I decide dat I wud speek in LOLCat todai! Evryone hoo iz readin dis probably understandz it cuz they knoe wut Im talkin bout! Thnx again 4 leavin comments an followin mah blog! I hope dat u can understand wut I wrote n da font color todai! If u have visited Harry Spotter, isnt he cute!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Baby Dmitri

Hey everyone!!! I hope that the font is dark enough for everyone too see! I just made a video of Dmitri and I just put it on YouTube. It is called "My Baby Dmitri!" I got the link too put on my blog. Here it is!
Thanks again to everyone who left comments and is now a follower of Cat Palooza! Especially Sweet Praline for putting my blog out on
OMG!!! I left the an announcment like Sweet Praline did and they put my announcment out there!!! Wow!!! Thanks again!!!

Thanks so Much!!! :D

Hey Everyone!!! Thank you all sooooo much for all of the comments! I really thoughtI would never have comments! Thanks to Sweet Praline, my blog has become more popular. She told me that I should start visiting http://http// So a bunch of people started coming. I am so stupid though, I was reading the little announcment thingys and I was like "Oh, I have a cat named Dmitri!" but it took me about five minutes too realize that it was about Dmitri my handsome Chartruex who ways about 21 pounds! As you can see I fixed the color and the font thingy today! Please participate in the Cristmas Card Exchange!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

OMG!!! There's a Title Thingy!!!

Hello everyone! I just noticed the title thingy today! Where have I been? Ok well have you heard of Christian the Lion? If you have isn't he adorable!!! If you haven't, here is a video of him! Just click on the link! Sorry about this, but you have to highlight the link and go from there!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey everyone!!! I can't change the color or the font anymore! I'm not so sure what happened. Today I am posting this picture of the Cat Lady Sachie from drew. If you don't know who she is the picture is also available here. Here it is!!!
If you would like to participate in the Christmas card exchange, email me at! I got the idea from Sweet Praline. My camera broke last night but right now Dmitri is laying down in my bathtub giving himself a bath!!! I wish that I could take a picture and show you all! It is sooooo cute!!! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey everyone! I never really blog about Dmitri but I will start doing that! So today
I went to my room (no surprise)and before I left Dmitri was eating his supper, but when I came back, Dmitri was sitting on top of the piano with his back just back just like this! Look how cute! I could take a picture because when I got my camera ready he jumped off! this is what he looked like though but on top of my piano!
So cute!!! :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey everyone!!! Sorry for not posting anything for a while I've been really busy again! I know this isn't about cats but I'll still post this. Has anyone ever heard the song "Fireflies" by Owl City? OMG!!! I love this song like sooo much!!!!!! Here is the video! Hope you enjoy it!!!! Sorry I couldn't get just the video, so I got the link!

Oh! Whenever you leave a comment please notify me by typing something like "Hey Jingles! Just left a comment!" or something in my Cbox! Thanks!!! :D