Saturday, September 26, 2009

OMG!!! Today I went to the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville LA. If you had ever seen shows about it and articles and junk, it was a JOKE. You pay 8 dollars to see 6 rooms, and the tour only lasts like 20 minutes. Nothing they tell you is real. They tell you in the first room about this slave girl named Chloe. Well, she LOVED to eavesdrop on people. Well her mistress cut off her left ear to teach her a lesson. She decided to get him back. She was baking a cake for one of the daughters birthday parties. She put oleander leaves in the cake to make the family sick so she would be able to come back and nurse them back to health. Well the mother, daughter, and the son die a couple days later. So she is hung because she admitted to doing that. She got hung on one of the trees and the three was weighed to by bricks and rocks. They threw her dead body into the Mississippi River. Do you really think that's true? Well to tell you the truth nothing of that is real. I looked up some information when I got back home. In any historical records that they have Chloe never walked this planet. She is just made up. The mother and the daughters died of typhoid. did you pay attention to what I just wrote? The mothere and the daughters, there was so son involved. Listen to this story too it's hilarious. There was this voodoo princess named Cleo. One of the family's daughters got sick she put this gris gris junk on this 0n the girl. She told the family that she's be better the next day. Haha! She died the next day. They hung Cleo on one of the chandeliers in one of the rooms upstairs. Wouldn' this have been easier to hang her from a tree?! Well again she never existed. They just made up that story to make you buy those little gris gris junk. Well again, this girl NEVER walked the planet. The house was not even that spectacular as they say it is. It was a waste of money. I read some of the reviws about The Myrtles, it was hilarious!!! They just make everything up just to take your money. I warned you all who will read this. Rosedown is a very nice plantaion home. Bring your money there instead of The Myrtles. There are musch pretteir plantation homes. The best part about the plantaion was the strateigeic placement of beautiful black cats. (I enjoyed that the most!!! :D) This has been your warning, DON'T GO TO THE MYRTLES!!! :(